Julie talks “Punisher”

Julie Benz, who co-stars in the upcoming sequel film Punisher: War Zone, told SCI FI Wire that she plays the wife of an FBI agent who is murdered.

“The bad guys are after her, and the Punisher tries to save her,” Benz said in an interview. “She’s a single mother now, who lives with a young daughter. And she’s definitely tougher than Sarah [Benz’s missionary character in Rambo]. She’s got some guts to her.”

In War Zone, Benz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter) plays Angela opposite Rome‘s Ray Stevenson, who play Frank Castle/the Punisher. The film also stars The Wire‘s Dominic West as Jigsaw, Doug Hutchison as Looney Bin Jim and Dash Mihok as Detective Soap.

“It’s directed by Lexi Alexander [Hooligans],” Benz said. “It’s one of the first times I’ve gotten to work with a female director. I was very excited about that. Also, for me, I get to do my first accent. I’m doing a New York accent.”

War Zone also marks Benz’s first comic-book movie (like its predecessor films, War Zone is based on the Marvel Comics franchise).

“To be a part of a comic-book movie was very exciting,” Benz said. “And it’s also headed up by Ray Stevenson and Dominic West, who are both actors whose work I’ve admired.”

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