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‘Finding Freebo’ captures

I’ve added 165 screencaptures from episode 3.02 – enjoy!

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Amazing new photoshoot

I found this beautiful new photoshoot of Julie just now.  The photos were taken in June and she looks absolutely amazing!  I would love to have these untagged so if you happen to see them somewhere, please send them my way.  If you have anything at all you wish to donate to the site, don’t be shy!  My email is jbo-staff[AT]

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‘Rambo’ stills

I found these on my computer today.  I thought I had already posted them lol.  Screencaps will be coming soon.

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Dexter screencaptures

I’ve finally begun making screencaptures from the season three episodes of ‘Dexter’.  Over 190 from the first episode have been added.

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‘Punisher’ photos

The first publicity photos featuring Julie have finally surfaced. Only two so far but hopefully more will show up as the release date gets closer.

Photos from the 2008 Scream Awards

Julie was a presenter at Saturday night’s scream awards.  Over 80 photos have been added to the gallery.

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