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“Heaven” Official Trailer

“Christmas Homecoming” Stills, Promotional Photos & Captures

The gallery has been updated with promotional photos, stills, and screen captures from Julie’s movie “Christmas Homecoming”.

“Charming Christmas” Screen Captures

Hey everyone! I finally got around to capturing Julie’s newest movie “Charming Christmas”! Be sure to check Hallmark’s tv schedule for the reruns of the movie! Previews and gallery links below:

Gallery Link:
1229 x Movie Productions > Charming Christmas > Screen Captures

“Charming Christmas” Premieres November 8th on Hallmark Channel

Julie’s new movie “Charming Christmas” will be premiering November 8th on Hallmark Channel! I’ve added movie stills & promos, and captures from the trailer, behind the scenes, and from a sneak peek. Previews and gallery links are below.

Gallery Links:
012 x Movie Productions > Charming Christmas > Promotional Photos & Stills
015 x Movie Productions > Charming Christmas > Trailer Captures
047 x Movie Productions > Charming Christmas > Sneak Peek
123 x Movie Productions > Charming Christmas > Behind the Scenes

“Arson Mom” Trailer

Check out the trailer for Julie’s new movie “Arson Mom” below:

“Taken: The Search for Sophie Parker”

Julie filmed a movie back in April of this year (at the time it was called “Abducted”) and we finally have more information and an air date for it! The movie is called “Taken: The Search for Sophie Parker” and it premieres on Lifetime on Saturday, September 21 at 8 PM (check your local air times!) and repeats on Sunday, September 22nd at 12 AM (again, be sure to check what time it airs according to where you live). You can read the description below:

18 year-old Sophie Parker goes on spring break to Moscow with her friend Janie Hillman, daughter of the American Ambassador to Russia. When a reluctant Sophie is convinced by boy-crazy Janie to sneak out of the U.S. Embassy and go to a nightclub, the two girls are drugged and abducted by a Russian sexual slavery ring operating in the heart of Moscow. Sophie’s widowed mother, Stevie, is a tough NYPD detective. When she gets an alarming and mysterious call from Sophie’s cell-phone, Stevie takes the next plane to Russia, where she moves heaven and earth, and the Moscow police, on her frantic and action-packed quest to save her baby girl.

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