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“Hawaii Five-0” Taps “Dexter” Alum Julie Benz as Chin’s Love Interest

Congrats Julie!

Julie Benz has landed a multi-episode arc on Hawaii Five-0 as a potential love interest for Chin, EW has learned.

The Dexter alum will play Jennifer, a detective from San Francisco heading up a task force modeled after Five-0, who forms a strong connection with Chin (Daniel Dae Kim).

Benz, whose credits also include Defiance, No Ordinary Family and Angel, will recur in at least three episodes this fall.

Hawaii Five-0 returns Friday, Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

New Pictures of Julie at the 2009 Comic-Con

Hello. I’ve added some pretty pictures of Julie at the 2009 Comic-Con, where she was promoting “Dexter” and Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Below are previews and gallery links, and a link to interviews from the Comic-Con.

Gallery Links:
005 x Public Appearances > 2009 > 2009 Comic-Con – Day 1 – “Dexter” Press Conference – 7/23/09
004 x Public Appearances > 2009 > 2009 Comic-Con – Day 3 – “Boondock Saints II” Panel Discussion – 07/25/09

Videos from Comic-Con:
“Dexter” Season 4 Trailer and Panel

Screen captures from Julie’s movie “Held Hostage will be up in a couple of days!

Julie is at the Golden Globes!

The first few photos have begun to surface.  She looks soooooo stunning in her pale green dress.  I have already begun collecting photos but I will probably not post them until Tuesday due to time constraints.  Also, be sure to check out the gallery.  I’ve added new photos over the past couple days but I didn’t make a post about it.  Always check the sidebar for the latest photo updates.

Dexter’s Julie Benz cuts loose


This Sunday sees the eagerly anticipated third season debut of Showtime’s Dexter. On the series, Julie Benz plays Dexter’s girlfriend, Rita, who is very unaware that her loving boyfriend is in fact a serial killer – albeit of other killers.

I had the chance to speak to Benz about Dexter‘s return, along with her other upcoming projects. It’s a busy time for the Buffy and Angel alum . Besides Dexter, she’ll be seen in two films before the year is finished – Saw V and Punisher: War Zone, and we touched upon all those projects in our conversation.

IGN: Your character on Dexter has obviously evolved from when we met her and she was so closed off. Where do you think she is now? Has she reclaimed her old self completely?

Julie Benz: I think in Season 3, you see a much more strong and confident Rita. Rita and Dexter have been through a lot and I think you see that they’re happier together.

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Julie talks ‘Punisher: War Zone’

Julie Benz (Rambo, “Dexter,” “Angel”) hit the green carpet of The Incredible Hulk premiere Sunday night at the Universal City Walk to support Gale Anne Hurd, who not only produced this Friday’s Universal release, but also Benz’s upcoming action-thriller, Punisher: War Zone. Benz, who confessed she’s a “big Hulk fan,” stopped to chat with Hype! about the new “Punisher” film, for which the trailer should be out “within the next three weeks,” according to Hurd.

CS/SHH!: What can you tell me about “Punisher: War Zone”?
Julie Benz: It comes out in December and you’re going to see a much darker, edgier Punisher than you did in the past.

CS/SHH!: Did being a brunette help you get into character for the film?
Benz: Oh yeah. I play this kind of New York Italian cop’s wife and had to do an accent and everything. It was great. I’ve never been brunette before and I loved it.

CS/SHH!: Tell me more about your character.
Benz: I have a small daughter in the movie. Stuff happens and I get very angry.

CS/SHH!: Why do you get so angry?
Benz: There’s no good guy to me. Everyone is bad.

Benz talks ‘Saw V’

In a red-carpet interview with ShockTillYouDrop, actress Julie Benz spoke a little about her SAW V experience, and what kind of character she portrays.

“I play a very unlikeable character… Her name is Brit and she’s a real estate developer. That’s all I can say. You know how those things are. You sign your life away in blood.”

What you can take away from this is that “Brit” is most likely the object of Jigsaw/Hoffman/whoever the f*ck the writers conjure up as the new villain’s deadly “game.” Certainly Benz won’t be portraying one of the series’ throwaway victims…

Benz goes on to say: “They were all laughing because it was my first time doing a movie of that genre and I of course had to have a bucket on standby because I was getting nauseated and thought I was going to throw up. Some of the things I had to do was really grossing me out.” That’s a SAW movie for you, baby!

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