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New Layouts, Punisher Caps, DH Stills, & SAG Awards

I’ve put a new layout up at the site and at the gallery, I hope you like them. I’ve added DVD captures from Punisher: War Zone, more episode stills from Desperate Housewives and beautiful pictures of Julie at the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards to the gallery.

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Punisher: War Zone DVD

Don’t forget!  Julie’s movie Punisher: War Zone is released today on R1 DVD and BluRay.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Julie news is pretty much nonexistent right now.  I am gathering up some old event photos so expect a nice gallery update soon.

Release date for Punisher DVD

Just received notice that Julie’s movie ‘Punisher: War Zone’ will be released on DVD and BluRay on March 17th.

‘The Punisher’ screening

There was a special screening of ‘The Punisher’ in Los Angeles yesterday and Julie attended.  She looked amazing!

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“A Glutton for Punishment”


Not only does Julie Benz play yin to a serial killer’s yang in the hit TV show Dexter, but she also starred opposite the most macho of manly men earlier this year in Rambo. Now the soft-spoken actress is playing accomplice to yet another rugged he-man in Punisher: War Zone — hitting theatres next Friday.

“I seem to be getting vigilante themes surrounding me in my work,” says Benz over the phone from New York recently. “It’s because I’m so light in real life.”

She may be joking but there isn’t much to laugh about in Punisher: War Zone. Although it’s the third cinematic adaptation of the vengeance-filled Marvel Comics character, Benz insists this is not a sequel — “It’s just a very gritty urban retelling of the Punisher tale,” she says.

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‘Punisher’ clip

A short clip featuring our girl.

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