New gallery layout and new photos

I finished the new layout for the gallery and in honor of it’s debut, I uploaded a couple gorgeous photoshoots.  Julie looks so amazing as a brunette!

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Brand new look!

Julie Benz Online has a fresh new look!  And now that the new layout is up, I’ll begin working on updating the gallery.  If anyone is interested in helping out with the site, send an email to: jbo-staff{at}

Julie wins an Eyegore award

Julie was at Universal Studios last night for the 6th Eyegore Awards where she was one of the recipients of the gargoyle statue.  When asked where she was going to keep it, she replied:

“[Between] my Darla action figure and my Dexter bobblehead, That’s where it’s going to go.”

‘Punisher: War Zone’ official site open

The title says it all.  The official site for Julie’s upcoming movie ‘Punisher: War Zone’ has opened.  There’s not a lot to see yet but hopefully they’ll add more soon.

Upcoming appearance

According to SpikeTV, Julie is scheduled to appear at Scream2008.  The show will be taped on October 18th and should begin airing on October 21st.

Julie talks about “the big reveal”

*warning* This post contains spoilers. Do not read if you have not seen the season premiere of Dexter. source:

Pudding! For the sake of anyone reading this who has not seen the season premiere of Dexter on Showtime, let’s apply a code name to the reveal from the last five minutes: Operation Pudding. So many questions: Does Dexter even really like pudding? Can he really live in a house full of noisy, privacy-invading pudding and continue to have his little hobby? Or could pudding be his salvation? Want to know what Julie Benz (Rita) and executive producers Clyde Phillips and Melissa Rosenberg think about Dexter and the pudding? I’ve interviewed them on your behalf, and I have their exclusive answers to our burning Q’s about the shocking pudding situation… Continue reading

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