Julie on ‘Rambo’

Julie Benz is featured prominently in all the deleted scenes on the Rambo DVD. Most of her long speeches about the political situation in Burma were cut for the sake of pacing.

“For me, it was finding that balance between being impassioned about what it was I was talking about but also not coming off preachy because I think it’s such an important message,” said Benz. “Really for me, it was such a great character to play. To play somebody who really believes in bettering the world and being an activity, she was putting her life in danger going in there. This is a woman with amazing courage.”
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Happy birthday Julie!!

Taking a quick break from the site rebuild to wish Julie a very happy 36th birthday.

Dexter season two release date

Good news for Dexter fans! The season two DVD set is scheduled to be released on August 19, 2008. There is no information as to cover art or special features yet but I will be sure to post it when I find out.

Punisher release date change

Hey all! The theatrical release date for The Punisher: War Zone has been changed to December 5, 2008. I really liked the first one and I can’t wait to see the sequel.

What Julie’s reading now…

JulieCurrent project: Playing the love interest of a closet serial killer in “Dexter,” the Showtime hit also seen on CBS.

She’s reading: “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists,” by Neil Strauss.

It’s about: True story of a writer who spends two years undercover perfecting the art of picking up women – and discovers along the way that suave one-liners are no match for real conversation.

What Benz says: “Basically, it starts out with all these guys, they’re kind of run-of-the-mill, average guys, and they’re not good-looking. They really want to learn how to meet women. But then the more that you read it, the more you go wow, it’s kind of a sad, depressing story. Their goal just becomes how many women they can pick up, and not about having any type of connection. It really becomes a game. They get lost in it. Their work suffers. Their life suffers.”

On the upside: “Now, no one will be able to pick me up, because I know the game.”

Julie Benz toughs it out

Theatrical tradition says the way to wish an actor good luck is to suggest they “break a leg.” Julie Benz may start a new tradition. In the future, the new saying will be “bruise a rib.”

This painful sounding salute comes out of what happened to Benz during the filming of Rambo 4.

The fourth film in the Sylvester Stallone franchise puts outcast John Rambo back in the role of military savior. His latest mission is to rescue a group of missionaries – that’s where Benz comes in – who have been captured in Burma.

“It was really just a mild stunt,” says the actress. “There was a scene where he (Rambo) was supposed to jump on top of me to protect me. All 200 pounds landed on me.”

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